Allò bo, allò heretat i la saviesa

Que la memòria sigui prèvia a la saviesa és quelcom que no només explica un element important de la condició humana, sinó que, a més, ens orienta profundament en la comprensió i tractament de les esferes educatives i polítiques d’aquesta condició.

“In my analysis I presupposed that the equation of the good with the ancestral is the primeval equation. That may be so in chronological terms, but one cannot leave it at that, of course, because the question arises, why should this be so, what evidence does this equation have? That is a very long question, and I do not propose to answer it now. I would only refer to a Greek myth according to which Mnemosyne, memory, is the mother of the muses, meaning the mother of wisdom. In other words, primarily the good, the true, however you might call it, can be known only as the old because prior to the emergence of wisdom memory occupied the place of wisdom.”

Leo Strauss, “The Mutual Influence of Theology and Philosophy” (1952).

Els grecs, els savis grecs…


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